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Nicki Minaj talks about career path

Singer wants to join films have perfume and clothing line
 Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has revealed to Rolling Stone that has a career plan of five years, which includes an acting career, a perfume line, a clothing line and possibly disks on which Nicki sing and make rap.
"I'm afraid of not being perfect," said Nicki. "I do not write some songs for fear of not being able to overcome my expectations. I am not competing with other people, I'm competing with myself."
The voice of "Starships" also talked about his sexuality. Earlier in his career, Nicki said that dating both men and women: "I think girls are sexy, but I will not lie and say that dating with them."
The rapper said he's proud that she and Drake have become rap stars, even though he has a tumultuous past.
"Before, you had to sell drugs to be considered a real rapper," said Nicki. "But now it's like Drake and I abraçássemos the fact we attend school, we love acting, we love theater and there's nothing wrong with that."

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