domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

LMFAO announces career break

Redfoo says duo will follow different directions
The duo Redfoo and SkyBlu, LMFAO how the announced their separation.
On Friday (21), Redfoo stated that the duo will pause the career to focus on their own interests, both personal and individual.
"I think we're doing this for a long time, five or six years," said Redfoo. "And we were thinking, we will do what is natural and explore it instead of forcing things."
Redfoo and SkyBlu revealed that he will follow different musical directions and does not know when he will return to making music together.
The singer also said that there was no feud between the duo: "We started hanging out with different people with different styles, but we will always be family. He will always be my nephew, I will always be his uncle."
"The music I make is always a little LMFAO. I love the topics we talked about. I really wanted to bring the party music to the world, then do some variation of it," he added.

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