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Liam Payne of One Direction, ending two years of dating

Appointments prevent the group's relationship singer
 One Direction letras
The One Direction star Liam Payne had been separated from his girlfriend, with whom he had two years.
Danielle Peazer and singer met during the 2010 season of The X Factor program, in which the young girl worked as a dancer.
"They finished the last few days because it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain relationships with the absence of Liam," said a friend of the musician of 19 years to the tabloid The Mirror.
"He could barely see Danielle in recent months and the band has a world tour next year, then things would only get more difficult."
However, the informant revealed that the atmosphere between the two remain friendly: "They broke up, but Liam hopes that things have ended in a cool way. It was the first real love of his life."
Peazer been receiving messages of aggressive fans One Direction months and had received a death threat last week.
The singer would have blocked the person responsible for the offenses on Twitter, saying it would take the case further if the verbal abuse continued.
"Tweet for telling someone to die is unfortunate. Do not care if you hate me, but save it for you instead of me tweet" wrote Peazer few months ago.
Sources close to the group said that Payne simply do not have time for a relationship with Peazer, who worked as cheerleader events in the Olympics and is close friends with Eleanor Calder Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend.
The second album from One Direction, "Take Me Home", is scheduled for release November 12.

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