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See realistic dolls Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson and more!

Almost all the big celebrities have been immortalized in dolls, butmost versions seem simple toys. It is against this backgroud that many artists like Noel Cruz leave their mark, repainting the faces of the dolls to make them as believable as possible.
Cross creates both versions of the movie stars and some of the biggest names in music such as Canadian singer Celine Dion and R& B diva Whitney Houston and soul. There were also artists at different times in their careers, like Cher with her curly hair and leather jacket of the 80's and 90's smoothed locks and Lady Gaga with her hair yelow "Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)" and clothing matal " Bad Romance."
Of course, the Queen and the King of Pop could not be left out; Madonna was portrayed at the beginnig of his career in the 80's and after the release of "Like a Prayer" in the early 90's and Michael Jackson appears pointing the finger poses on of the video for "Bad" and also with the classic red jacket and makeup of "Thriller", marks the legacy of the star in the 80's.
Check out the pictures:
Whitney Houston: 
Whitney Houston letras  Whitney Houston letras
Celine Dion:
Celine Dion letras  Celine Dion letras
Cher letras  Cher letras
Lady Gaga:
Lady Gaga letras Lady Gaga letras
Madonna letras Madonna letras
Michael Jackson:
Michael Jackson letras Michael Jackson letras

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