segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

LMFAO ironic separation rumors in new video

LMFAO letras RedFoo, a member of the double LMFAO, reported on Monday, April 23, in his official account on YouTube, a video taht denies all rumors of a split in the style of comic artists.
The video show SkyBlu and RedFoo talking about a report in the New Yok Post, published on April 19. With the title "Duo: Every Day I'm tusslin" in reference to the phrase "every day I'm shuffling" of the song "Party Rock Anthem", the news reported that members were involved in discussions related to their personal profit and that this possibly mean tthe end of the street.
 During the following scenes of the new video, the duo ends up tearing paper and screaming the words of the totle of the news while doing his dance moves characteristic. The artists of "Sexy and I Know it" also revealed that travel the United States in mid-yeartour with the "Sorry For Party Rocking", Starting on May 22 in Columbus, Ohio.

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