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Listen to "Reel Cool", new song from Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga letrasRob Fusari, producer and co-author of some of the hits from Lady Gaga, released this afternoon (04) a new song of the singer.
Reel Cool, the band in question would have been originally recorded in 2006 for the album "The Fame" but was deleted. This would be an unfinished track that Rob - also ex-boyfriend of pop star - promised to deliver a few weeks ago without the consent of Lady Gaga.
The action was a retaliation for the former, as the producer claims to be the creator of his name and also accuses her of being "fake" and need auto-tune to record. He even moves several lawsuits against the singer.
Rob collaborated with Lady Gaga Paparazzi on the single and other songs of their debut album, as Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Brown Eyes.
Check out Reel Cool below:

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