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Justin Bieber: "You can not trust anyone in this business"

Canadian Justin Bieber commented on the music industry and found that few people rely on their desktop. In the new June issue of GQ magazine, revealed that the star has gone through some bad experiences with the music business led him to be more cautious.
"Generally, I keep my guard up because, you know, you can not trust anyone in this business. This saddens me. You can not trust anyone. I learned this the hard way," said the singer of "Boyfriend" to men's fashion magazine.
The star has confessed that he likes to drink beer, but prefer not to go too far: "I like being in control. I mean, I've drunk beer before, but never let it go overboard." Check out some photos of the singer's photo essay "Under The Mistletoe" for American GQ magazine:

Justin Bieber letras

Justin Bieber letras  Justin Bieber letras

Justin Bieber letras

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