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See Lady Gaga backstage recordings of "The Simpsons"

The singer revealed that he was extremely nervous when recording your voice
Lady Gaga letras The pop star Lady Gaga is another in a long list of music stars who have appeared in the cartoon "The Simpsons". Through its participation in the series, the star will visit the city of Springfield with her pink train powered by a giant pair of shoes.
"Oh, my God, is Lady Gaga, 'a' Lady Gaga," he exclaimed in disbelief, the show's creator, Matt Groening. "We just record your voice. It was fantastic. It was so good that we come to ruin because some audio laughed too high (...) If you think your clothes in real life are crazy, wait and see what we design ".
"I've always been a fan of The Simpsons. I was very excited and surprised. I was willing to do something for television again and the script was amazing and very funny," said the singer "Born This Way" on the final episode this season, which will air on American television next Sunday, May 20, in which her ​​character decides to help Lisa.
"In some ways, was very lovely, and others were all making fun of me and I made ​​fun of all the others (...) I think I had never been so nervous, because I respect them very much." Here are the scenes of the video recordings of the singer of "Marry The Night" on 'The Simpsons':

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