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Nicki Minaj is the star of new commercial soda

Nicki Minaj letrasNicki Minaj is the star of a brand new commercial for Pepsi soft drinks.
In the video, which shows two young men running through different scenes frozen Starships singer interprets the song Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake).
At the end of trade, both meet Minaj paralyzed during a presentation.
The campaign was developed around the theme or Live for Now 'Live the moment' and a message from the video tells viewers to "imagine all that is happening now in the world."
Some cans of the campaign will have the image of Michael Jackson and offer buyers the chance to win a leather jacket like the one used by the king of pop.
In 1983, Jackson was pitchman for Pepsi. A year later, while filming a commercial, the singer's hair caught fire, which caused him severe burns.
Check out Nicki Minaj's participation in the commercial below:

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