quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

Keane criticizes charts

Tom Chaplin, rankings are full of "fake pop"

Keane letras The British Keane criticized the current situation of the charts and said that the rankings are "full of fake pop."
According to the band, it became impossible to enter the "real music" in the Top 10. Furthermore, the new artists would not be receiving are known in opportunities.
"The stakes are in a sorry state. For me, nothing but noise," said lead singer Tom Chaplin tabloid the Daily Star. "Sometimes when I put on MTV and is just noise. It bores me. False pop dominated the Europop and R & B shoddy make me think: What is happening? This has seemed tired in the 90s, imagine now" .
"There are many good things out there that have no chance of reaching the top 40. There is a world still under the encouraging. The Top 40 is disappointing today," added the musician.
Strangeland, the band's new album, was released on May 4 and is on track to win the top the albums charts on Sunday.

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