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Cast of Glee will cover the One Direction

Glee letras One Direction letras
The cast of Glee will do a cover of British One Direction soon.
Singers Club New Directions interpret the track What Makes You Beatiful in next week's episode.
Niall Horan, a member of the group was happy with the news and said: "Having a songon Glee is fantastic. We're all big fans of the program ade we are very excited about the choice af What Makes You Beautiful."
The song will be presented in the chapter 'Prom-A-Saurus', which airs in the U.S.A next Tuesday, May 8th. In the episode, students are preparing for the prom amid tensions on the choice of the king and queen of the party.
A week later, on May 15, a two-hour special attraction will be displayed in which the actors change roles.

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