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Cheryl: "Rihanna is the perfect pop star"

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Cheryl Cole praised the authenticity of Rihanna.
In an interview with GQ magazine, the British also talked about the "freedom" in this fact Rihanna is not influenced by negative comments.
"You know what I love about Rihanna? I know she gets too much criticism on his clothes and his music, but she is very free. She does not care. I love that about her. I love this notion of freedom it has. It is beautiful and free, a perfect pop star. "
The singer Fight For This Love also compared his career to the star of Barbados, adding: "She certainly went through the same things. And you can imagine the intensity when the eyes of the world are upon you. She knows how it feels, but it is a free spirit, she does not care. "
"Perhaps the fact that she had gone through all that now has allowed to reach this stage. She has an attitude of" Fuck. What else can they say? Can not hurt us more. "This is liberating."
The two stars have recorded a duet in January, which was being planned since early 2011.
The third solo studio Cheryl, A Million Lights is scheduled for release June 18.

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