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One Direction does not want made public all-girls

Singers want to broaden their fan base
One Direction letras
The members of One Direction revealed want to have more male fans.
The singers would like to see more kids in the crowd in his live performances in an attempt to broaden a fan base dominated by girls.
"We want to see more boys among the fans, see them in public is cool," said Niall Horan Storyboard to the blog.
"90% are girls, but we want to expand our fan base. We want everyone to like us."
Asked about the attention paid by fans, Liam Payne said: "It is very nice, obviously, because we can see how much they care about us. Only hope they cry tears of joy!"
The British also spoke about the dedication of fame and admirers:
"None of us could have imagined that two years ago. I think anyone could have predicted this, to be honest. I think there is nothing difficult about the fact that we have a dedicated fan base. Actually, it's good to know that there are people who love what we do because we worked hard. Obviously, there is pressure not to disappoint them. "
Currently, One Direction is working on her second studio album, which should be released in 2012.

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