domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Members of The Wanted succor fan

An admirer of the band collapsed in British airport
The Wanted letras    The Wanted letras
Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker, members of The Wanted, said they had rescued a fan who fainted at the airport in Glasgow, Scotland.
The singers of "Chasing The Sun" ran to help the girl to see the stars fell and hit his head on a wall.
According to the tabloid The Sun, Sykes asked the band to stop the bus and put the fan in the recovery position, while Parker called the emergency services.
"The moment we landed at the airport, one of our fans went to the ground," said Parker. "Nath stood beside her while I called the emergency. Was pretty scary, but anyone would have done the same thing."
Recently, members of The Wanted said they were open to a partnership with One Direction.

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