domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Justin Bieber is sued for damage to the hearing of a woman

The singer may have to pay $ 9 million to the mother of a fan
Justin Bieber letras
Singer Justin Bieber is being sued by the mother of a fan who claims to have suffered hearing damage during the teen star of the show.
Stacey Wilson Betts said he had taken her daughter to show what happened in the city of Portland, United States, in July 2010 and claims that his hearing was permanently affected due to the pitch.
In the process, Stacey complained about the structure that held up the singer Justin Bieber on the public because the singer has created a wave of screams when you point to each section of the stadium. The woman also said that Justin made ​​things worse by making the audience while dancing frenzy.
For this reason, Stacey Betts Bieber is suing his record label, responsible for the event and the venue in nearly nine million dollars for damages.

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