domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Madonna is being sued for plagiarism

Gravadura star accused of using sample in "Vogue"
Madonna letras
Madonna is being sued because, allegedly, used portions of another song in one of his successes, Vogue.
The record VMG SalSoul accuses the star of using parts of the song in 1975, "Chicago Bus Stop" the SalSoul Orchestra.
The suit alleges that Madonna never paid to use the words in music, with which the singer has made millions. The label claims that Madonna infringed the copyright and ask for compensation.
The VMG Salsoul only discovered that a sample of the song was done, using a new technology designed to isolate and identify specific sounds.
Meanwhile, Madonna is on tour and also released, on Friday (13), a preview of his new video, "Turn Up The Radio".

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