sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

The Wanted intended to return to rock

The Wanted letras Jay McGuiness, a member of The Wanted, confessed taht he expected the group to develop a sound more connected to the rock.

According to the singer, the quintet did not intend to prioritize dance tracks and hoped to produce music on the guitar play a larger role.
"We always thought that, over time, we were doing a more rock music, but it did not happen," McGuiness said the website Digital Spy. "The rock is not selling much these days. I do not know. I think it changes over time."
Asked if the group had plans to venture into rap like Justin Bieber, McGuiness laughed and said that the band does not have enough pace to get to rap:
"We were working with Guy Chambers (producer) in a music style similar to that of Robbie Williams and Tom [Parker] tried to make some [rap], but did not. Not matched with us. Maybe we can further develop this with time. We could probably do a garage rock, but hip-hop because it takes a sense of rhythm. "

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