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Jessie J: "I never participate in The Voice"

The judge revealed that he would rather be the makeup artist to compete in the program
Jessie J letras The singer revealed that Jessie J does not participate in a talent show format reality show or if your career was in decline in the future, despite being a member of the panel of judges on The Voice.
"I would not inscribed or 20 years from now," she told Company magazine. "I've worked hard to get here, even if it runs behind the scenes as a makeup artist. Always be around," said the star of "Domino."
Jessie also stated that I would have to be informed about who the other judges before accepting the proposal: "I was the first to sign the contract because I was very interested. But when Tom Jones said he would know who waited until the panel, I thought I should have done the same. "
The singer of "Price Tag (feat. BoB)" had talked openly about The Voice in an interview with Graham Norton in which he stated that some parts of the program was poorly designed, which would have annoyed the producers. Although The Voice has begun its run with good audience, total audience declined sharply and producers expect performances by artists such as Kylie Minogue and Cheryl in the final episode can bring the audience back.

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