sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

Writer Justin decides on show in Norway

Presentation of the singer caused a stir in Oslo on Wednesday (30)
Justin Bieber letras The label of Justin Bieber is sorry to have organized the recent free concert of the star in Oslo, Norway.
In the presentation, which took place in the modern opera house in Oslo on May 30, Bieber sang two new tracks from the album Believe, and was attended by a crowd of fans.
Despite pleas from the singer for the public to be careful, 78 people were injured during the event.
In a statement, Universal Music said it "deeply regrets that some of those who attended the concert of Justin Bieber have had a bad experience" and added: "Fortunately, nobody was hurt seriously.
"The company insisted that he has postponed a concert artist in the country and said that Bieber would love to return to Norway and make a new show.
Yesterday (31), the singer crashed into a window during a presentation in Paris. "I see you again, glass. I get back. Bieber versus glass in Las Vegas in 2013," the star tweeted.

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