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One Direction want to have your own cartoon

The British boyband enjoyed the animation done by a fan and want to take the project
One Direction letras The video made by a fan of One Direction circulated on the net and came to the boys who are doing worldwide success with "What Makes You Beautiful."
In the animation called The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction (The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction), Mark Parsons puts the quintet in superhero outfits with their initials to save the world and tries to imitate the accents of each band member in a very funny.
After watching the video posted by Mark, Liam Payne said she loved the cartoon and would love to do more episodes. Also, he revealed that the band got in touch with the creator of the animation to, maybe in the future, they can dub their own voices.
The One Direction wants to enjoy the fever of worldly success and use all possible opportunities in the music industry, are puppets of the band, movies or even cartoons.
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