terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Justin Bieber fans fleeing in England and want to record single with the group One Direction

The star Justin Bieber, 18 years, was mobbed by fans after arriving in London, England on Monday (23). The singer is in the country to promote his new job and plans to record a single with friends of the group One Direction.
Bieber, supported ny his team, had run away to get leave the site safely. Informtion isthe site of the magazine "Who".
The English fans do not bring fond memories for Justin Bieber. In March 2011, in Livepool, the singer has been warned by police that could be arrested for "inciting riot" ifhe left the hotel that was surrounded by followers of the teen star.
According to the website of the newspaper "The Daily Star," Bieber plans to record a single with the grooup One Direction. "They are great guys and I'm always looking to workwhit people who have talent and taste," he told the publication about the friends of the boy band.

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