quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Liam Payne, the One Direction, asking fans to leave his girlfriend alone

Liam asked, via twitter, for the fans to stop attacking his girlfriend
One Direction letras Liam Payne, the One Direction, asked fans to stop tormenting his girlfriend via Twitter, after she receives a flood of crude messages.
Payne dating dancer Danielle Peazer and was upset to learn that she was being attacked by fans on Twitter. The singer defended her and told fans to stop.
In a series of posts, he wrote:
"I hate when Twitter becomes a place to insult people you've never seen and never did anything for you, and yet you choose to be cruel."
"and for all who are idiots and they will send horrible things, just because I talked about ... that boring, grow."
The singer adds, "But for all that are cool, thank you, she reads me the cool things that people send to her and it makes me smile, I love you"

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