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Birthplace of Ringo Starr is saved from demolition

The Beatles letras 
Almost two years ago, it was announced a project to extinguish 445 homes, including where Ringo spent his early years in Madryn Street Drive, Liverpool, to make urban renewal site.
In early 2011, the project was supported by the city, finding that the house was not important enough to enter the list of preservation of historical heritage. But Philip Coppell, a Beatlemaniac that takes tourists to see the city group All You Need Is Love, began a protest gathering society to save the street.
The protest came to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Housing of the British government, which suspended the project until alternatives were studied. Grant was proud to announce today that the house will be preserved, along with 15 more home in the city area.
In addition, the home of ex-Beatles will be reformed, since it suffered over the years with saqueamentos fans in search of small treasures of the band.

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